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Why I Think Waltonchain is A Smart Long-Term Investment (Opinion)

I’m operating under the assumption that most current blockchain-based projects will fail miserably. However, a tiny percentage will cater to just the right market, flourish, and capture a ton of value.

Based on this assumption, I decided to weight my portfolio as such:

  • Majority towards “safe” investments (BTC, ETH)
  • Remaining minority reserved for smaller positions in risky investments with very high upside

I expect the majority of these risky bets to return nothing. However, all it takes is one of these investments to succeed in order to realize great returns overall – more or less, the Venture Capital model.

What do I look for when selecting a “risky bet?”

Primarily, I’m looking at the risk versus reward of a specific project. What are the potential factors that make an investment fail? And if it succeeds, how big would the returns be?

By my assessment, Waltonchain (WTC) has a very attractive risk-versus-reward profile.

This article will explain why I believe WTC is a…

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