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What is Zcash?

When Bitcoin came to life about a decade ago, the early adopters believed it would be the ultimate transaction solution replacing the paper money we know today. No one probably thought that the breakthrough would end up creating countless cryptocurrency projects.

While many crypto projects are ambitious and aim to outdo fiat currencies, some have special features that give them a unique use case. An example of this is Zcash. Zcash is a cryptocurrency that offers transaction privacy.

The transactions on Bitcoin are not private. This non-privacy feature is seen as a flaw by some who believe transactions should at least have the option of being private. This led to the fork of the Bitcoin blockchain in 2016 that produced Zcash.

What Does Zcash Do?

Zcash is similar to Bitcoin in that transactions are posted on a public blockchain. However, privacy is ensured as personal and transaction data is kept confidential. This is made possible through zero-knowledge proofs. This allows…

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