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What is SelfKey (KEY)? – Invest In Blockchain

If you’ve followed the blockchain space for any length of time, you’ve probably heard quite a bit of talk about digital identities. While progress is being made in almost all technological arenas, the manner in which people control sensitive data and digital assets, i.e. their identity, remains rooted in the past.

People still do paperwork and trust their information to the centralized databases of highly breachable third parties, and over a billion people live in places where current identity systems present an obstacle for accessing things like healthcare, financial services, and education. All of this is not to mention the cost and headache businesses face when following KYC and AML regulations.

The problem is that we don’t own our identities, and this fact is crying out for change.

Enter SelfKey, an all-new blockchain-based identity management platform that makes use of a concept known as self-sovereign identity (SSID). SelfKey provides organizations and individuals with…

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