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What Is Holochain? – Invest In Blockchain

If you go to the Holochain website, you will see that they have big and bold ambitions. It’s a currency system, an online data storage system, a way of managing your identity, the basis of a social network, and more. Pretty much everything you’ve ever heard anyone propose as a blockchain-based service, Holochain claims they are going to offer that as well.

Whereas most blockchain companies are focused on a particular service, and maybe have some overlap with one or two other potential use cases, Holochain plans to rewrite the fundamentals of the internet itself. The implication of that ambition is that anything that has ever been or could be a service on the internet could be built from a Holochain foundation.

Why does the internet need an overhaul? Fundamentally, the nature of the internet is of server and client. Information is stored centrally, and offered out to people who request it. This creates a power dynamic where the people running the servers and housing the data…

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