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What is CargoCoin (CRGO)?

One of the key industries that blockchain technology is poised to have the strongest impact on is supply chain and logistics. There are already a number of blockchain projects working on various aspects of this industry. Some of these projects include Icon, Modum, and Ambrosus.

The logistics industry is very wide, and in its current state, it’s ripe for technological advancement. Aside from situational issues such as fraud and delays, a solution is also needed for the everyday issues of cost and extensive paperwork, especially in shipping.

Putting global trade on the blockchain advances the global transport industry, providing ease and speed to the entire process, as well as safety and security.

CargoCoin is a cryptocurrency project that uses smart contracts based on the Ethereum blockchain to facilitate trade, transport, exchange of documents, and payment options at low cost in real time.

The aim of CargoCoin is to replace paper documents required in global trade with smart…

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