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What is Bancor (BNT)? – Invest In Blockchain

Not all cryptocurrencies can be easily bought and sold. The biggest and most famous cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, are supported by almost every exchange and service that caters to cryptocurrency. Less well-known cryptocurrencies are not widely represented in the marketplace, which isn’t merely a problem of brand awareness and marketing. The problem a lesser known token has is an economic problem of liquidity.

The less well-known a cryptocurrency is, the harder it is for a seller to find a buyer at the exact time they want to sell, and vice versa. Exchanges help alleviate the problem of liquidity for all the tokens it supports by offering to hold a token for the time in between when a seller offers and a buyer buys. In pragmatic terms, they purchase the token from you, and then later sell it to someone else for a slightly higher price, and they make their money by keeping the spread.

However, in order to provide that service, the exchange needs a certain degree…

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