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Top 10 Crypto Acquisitions in 2018

October 31, 2018 marks the 10-year anniversary since the emergence of blockchain technology, spearheaded by Bitcoin. The industry has overcome several hurdles to get to where it is today.

There’s still a lot of negative sentiment delaying the adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies by the general public.

However, there are also key changes being made to strengthen the industry. On one hand, partnerships are fostering cooperation between blockchain projects and entities outside the blockchain world. On the other hand, acquisitions of blockchain companies and entities are being made by bigger organizations, both within and outside of the blockchain world.

The following is a list of major acquisitions that have rocked the crypto industry thus far in 2018. These acquisitions highlight the maturity of the industry, and the list is in no particular order.

Top Crypto Acquisitions in 2018

Bitstamp Acquired by NXMH

Bitstamp is a Luxembourg-based crypto exchange. It was founded…

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