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The Case for Colu: From Cash to Card to Community Currency

Over 350 years ago, Sweden made the revolutionary decision to become the first European country to print paper money. Zoom forward to the present day, and the ultra-progressive country is racing to become the world’s first cashless society.

The number of notes and coins in Sweden has plummeted by 40% since 2009, and just 2% of all payments made in 2015 were conducted in cash. Over half of the country’s banks are now completely cashless.

They’re not the only ones interested in ditching paper money—the move to digital currencies is a rapidly growing trend all over the globe. And it has huge implications on how and where we use our money.

One blockchain-based company, Colu, is determined to ensure this trend strengthens local communities instead of giant corporations.

To increase public awareness about what Colu does (more on this below), and get people excited about bringing Colu to their cities, they have launched a new ambassador program. Colu is offering 200 CLN tokens to…

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