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Terawatt is Leading the Adoption of L.E.D. through the Blockchain –

Terawatt is creating a Decentralized Autonomous Organization to help improve, increase, and fast forward the adoption of the use of Light Emitting Diodes.

It is no more news that the climatic and weather condition
of the earth has changed over time. Areas which are cold are gradually heating
up and places which are hot are getting hotter. Studies showed that there has
been a rise in the sea level over the years. This could only mean that there
has been an increase in the volume of water in the ocean. The increase is as a
result of melting of ice in places like Antarctica because of rise in the
temperature of the earth.  It has been
found that there is the ozone layer which helps to reduce the intensity of heat
coming from the sun to the earth. However, the Ozone layer gets depleted over
time as it reacts with gases like Carbon dioxide (CO2) which is one of the
major gases released during combustion.

Combustion happens at all time through human activities. But one of the major/largest combustions occurs during the generation of electricity. Power plants need the combustion of fuel like coal, gas, etc. to turn its turbine thus releasing CO2 into the atmosphere. This causes depletion in the Ozone layer thus causing global warming. The activities of man over the years has continued to demand more and more electricity. The recent invention of electric cars has increased demands for electricity. Man is left with three options:

  • To build more power plants to cater for the increased
    demands- This will impact the Earth negatively
  • Research or concentrate more on building more
    alternative sources of energy (Green/Renewable Energy like Solar, wind, etc.)
  • Reduce the usage of energy by encouraging the
    research and use of materials and gadgets which consume lesser amount of

The last two options give man hope of saving the future. While
more researches are going into inventing more cost friendly solutions to use
green source of energy, attention is needed in encouraging the use of materials
which consume lesser amount of energy. One of this material is the Light Emitting
Diodes (L.E.D.).

Light Emitting Diode

This is another lighting source which is much more efficient than all other sources like florescent, etc. LED consumes much lesser amount of energy than other lighting sources. It does not emit heat as intense as others, it only emits heat through the plate at the base. It has a longer life span, it can be used for up to five years if used for a few hours per day. It does not contain mercury like other High-intensity Discharge (HID) Lamps. Mercury can be dangerous to the environment if not properly disposed off.

LED has many applications in electronics today, apart from
being a good substitute to lightings, it is also used for background lighting
for Televisions (LED Tv).

If LED is used to replace all lightings on earth today, the energy consumption will be cut by more than 25%. But it becomes very hard for people who are using other light source to begin to change and use LED. This challenge has been taken over by some utility companies to help businesses and users adopt the technology by providing incentives or discounts monthly to encourage them. But they can only do that for a few months.

Terawatt sees the challenge that has plagued the earth today and decide to help the world find a solution. Terawatt is creating a Decentralized Autonomous Organization to help improve, increase, and fast forward the adoption of the use of Light Emitting Diodes.

Terawatt DAO

The Decentralized Autonomous Organization was proposed a few years ago to be an organization without leaders. DAO is a concept which uses the opinion of the crowd through votes to take decisions. DAO is a smart contract that is built to help all members execute decision which is made through consensus. In a DAO there is a pool of funds which is used to execute the decision of all members. When Profit is made, the DAO distribute rewards to all participants according to the number of tokens/votes held if this is the consensus reached by the community. This concept made wave after it was introduced but was hacked after two months because of some simple faults oversight by developers in the smart contract codes.

Terawatt is proposing the use of the DAO concept but adequately taking care of the flaws of the DAO concept like loopholes in the smart contracts and 51% attack. Any holder of the Terawatt’s LED token can become a member of the Terawatt DAO. The DAO through the smart contract will be able to use the power of the crowd to fund the production of LED lighting and related Techs. This is to help subsidize costs of productions for producers, and lower the purchasing cost for end users. This will consequently increase the adoption of LED. Any member of the DAO can bring proposal for ventures to increase LED adoption, which will be voted on by the community.

There will be entry and Exit fees charge from members who
wish to join or exit the DAO. Part of these fee, profits from ventures or
donations will be used to buy back Terawatt tokens in circulation daily. The
tokens bought back will be burnt thus reducing the number of LED tokens in circulation
which may increase it worth. The other part will be used as voted by the DAO community.

Terawatt will secure it users with the ZK-SNARKs protocol.
You can as well get to know more about Terawatt from their Website, Whitepaper, Bitcointalk Announcement
, and Telegram.


The blockchain technology is being applied in different
industries as mentioned in one of the previous
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