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Airline Group’s Blockchain Could Bring Distribution System Bypass a Step Closer – Skift

These are very early days, but the airline-owned Airlines Reporting Corp.’s new experimental blockchain, and others like it, could lead to efficiencies for corporate travelers, but also — importantly — distribution alternatives to bypassing the global distribution systems. Let’s be very clear: A potential bypass of the distribution incumbents is …

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Expedia CEO on Blockchain and Competitive Threats – Skift

New Expedia Inc. CEO Mark Okerstrom faces a few challenges even bigger than filling the shoes of predecessor Dara Khosrowshahi, who left for Uber a couple of months ago. Outgrowing a rival like the Priceline Group, which today seems almost impossible, and dealing with competitors like Airbnb, remain daunting tasks. …

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Why Online Travel Agencies Will Line Up Against Blockchain Adoption – Skift

Glenn Fogel, CEO of the Priceline Group, has brushed off the threat of Blockchain to his business. Fogel’s commentary, which took place on stage at the Skift Global Forum last month,felt a lot like the early onset of the Innovator’s Dilemma, which sees market-leading companies usurped by new technologies and …

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