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SingularityNET CEO Talks Blockchain and AI With Joe Rogan – BTC Wires

Dec 6, 2018 at 08:22 | Updated: Dec 6, 2018 at 08:22&nbspUTC By&nbspPrashant Jha Dr. Ben Goertzel, a renowned AI scientist, entrepreneur, and CEO of the AI-based SingularityNET platform. Dr. Goertzel was a guest on the famous the Joe Rogan podcast. While on the podcast, he discussed several things from AI …

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SingularityNET CEO Discusses Blockchain on the Joe Rogan Podcast

/latest/2018/12/singularitynet-ceo-discusses-blockchain-on-the-joe-rogan-podcast/ Dr. Ben Goertzel, a renowned AI scientist and entrepreneur, discussed blockchain technology on the popular Joe Rogan podcast. Dr. Goertzel is an AI author and research professor at the Xiamen University of Technology, China. Alongside his academic endeavours, Dr. Goertzel is also involved in several business ventures in the fintech, …

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Joe Rogan Learns About Blockchain from Dr. Ben Goertzel of SingularityNet

Host of the most popular podcast in the world The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) discussed Blockchain with Dr. Ben Goertzel, CEO of SingularityNet. Joe Rogan hosted his 1211th podcast episode with AI genius and founder of SingularityNet Dr. Ben Goertzel. Among the topics discussed in the episode (mainly AI) they …

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