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Bitcoin Falls More Than 10% After Sentiment Turns Negative

Bitcoin declined notably today, falling with the broader crypto markets.© 2018 Bloomberg Finance LP Bitcoin lost more than 10% today, following many digital currencies lower after market research showed a decline in investor sentiment. The price of bitcoin had fallen to as little as $3,570.29 at the time of report, down roughly …

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Bitcoin: Sell-Off Is A Structural Break To The Downside Of The Already Negative Trend

Bitcoin has suffered a significant drop-off in terms of its value against the USD in November. Despite trading within the USD6,400-6,500 range through mid-November on thin volumes, BTC dropped to a low of USD3,685 by November 24 before entering the “dead cat bounce” period since. The Bitcoin community, however, remains …

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The SEC Ruling Should Be Positive, Not Negative For Bitcoin, Ethereum, And Litecoin – Forbes

Forbes The SEC Ruling Should Be Positive, Not Negative For Bitcoin, Ethereum, And LitecoinForbesDigital currency traders have it wrong. The SEC ruling that treats digital currencies as common investments is positive, not negative for cryptocurrencies, at least for now. Cryptocurrencies traded sharply lower on Tuesday, following an SEC ruling that … …

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People’s Bank of China (PBoC) wants to replace cash with its cryptocurrency in case interest rates go negative — Quartz

China’s central bank, the People’s Bank of China (PBoC), has been working to develop its own digital currency. Having recently completed a trial run of its cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology, the PBoC is moving closer to becoming one of the first central banks to issue digital money. The obvious …

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Bitcoin bounces back despite negative publicity

Bitcoin, the digital currency whose anonymity attracted drug dealers and tax evaders, is on a roll again. But after a renewed price spike that echoes its first speculative bubble three years ago, even many of the currency’s backers warn that another sharp correction is likely to follow. Bitcoin first boomed …

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Nobel Economist Paul Krugman Criticized For His Negative Stance on Bitcoin

Paul Krugman, one of the most well-known economists currently serving the University of New York as a Professor of Economics, was harshly criticized by the Bitcoin community, experts, analysts and journalists this past week due to his inevident and inaccurate remarks on Bitcoin. Krugman, who has consistently dismissed the underlying …

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