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Interconnecting Blockchain Project ICON Makes a Push Towards Decentralizing Its Nodes

ICON recently announced its major decentralization initiative. The plan will elect twenty-two node operators that will produce blocks, verify transactions, and participate in consensus. History of ICON ICON aims to design an “interconnecting blockchain network.” ICON (ICX) is engineering a solution to connect independent blockchains without the use of third-party …

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ICON Announces That it Is Accelerating Expansion of Its Public Blockchain Ecosystem

The ICON public blockchain ecosystem is getting a big boost from the ICON Foundation as the team has decided to accelerate its expansion strategy. It has also started the P-Rep pre-registration which will open the gates for P-Rep candidacy. The team also announced plans to introduce a decentralized exchange and other …

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South Korea’s Largest Interchain ICON (ICX) Connects an Ecosystem of Blockchain Communities

Slowly but surely, blockchain continues to have an ever-growing impact on our everyday lives. Especially in the lives of South Koreans. The National Election Commission started an online voting system called “K-Voting”, which has its foundation built on the blockchain. This voting system will have its start in small communities …

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Velic cryptocurrency management DApp to build on ICON blockchain

VELIC, a comprehensive solution for crypto-asset management with native VELT token, today announced it has established a strategic partnership with ICON, a leading blockchain network on the forefront of interconnecting isolated projects. VELIC aims to unify disparate services into a single “digital asset financial service.” As a financial DApp, VELIC …

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South Korea Push for Major Cryptocurrency Adoption: ICON (ICX) Fundamentals Are Moving Forward

There’s no doubt that South Korea has become one of the leading countries in cryptocurrency adoption. A relatively small, yet tech-savvy population combined with government backing is setting up South Korea as the central hub for blockchain innovation for years to come. South Korea’s highly evolved cryptocurrency regulatory framework, as …

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