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Bitcoin Cash [BTC] proponent advocates building of economies with cryptocurrencies as actual currencies instead of speculating

Roger Ver, the CEO of Bitcoin.com more commonly known as the Bitcoin Jesus and a massive supporter of Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash spoke about Bitcoin Cash hard fork and the mainstream cryptocurrency adoption that is in play in the recent times. Ver agreed that the slump in Bitcoin’s prices and …

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Opinion: In developing economies, blockchain’s benefits and risks depend on the application

Developers working on a blockchain application. Photo by: George Nikitin / IBM / CC BY-NC-ND Blockchain, the enabler of Bitcoin, is being explored from every angle to see how it might be applied beyond “fintech,” including possible applications in developing economies. Blockchain is an internet-based distributed ledger technology that enables multiple …

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Cryptocurrencies Help Stabilize Economies – Edgy Labs

Asia Images | Shutterstock.com  Cryptocurrency has been a controversial solution to the economic problems several developed and developing countries are facing. Here we discuss both the risks and opportunities blockchain technologies bring. The Bitcoin Argument Even the “mere mention of Bitcoin evokes mixed response[s] among seasoned economists” according to NewsBTS. …

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Bitcoin for Troubled Economies, the Venezuela Example

Bitcoin has emerged as a savior for many in dire situations. The decentralized nature of Bitcoin, combined with its ease of use and secure nature makes it an ideal alternative for those in troubled economies or cut off from the traditional financial system. The economic condition of Venezuela and Bitcoin’s …

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