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Airline Group’s Blockchain Could Bring Distribution System Bypass a Step Closer – Skift

These are very early days, but the airline-owned Airlines Reporting Corp.’s new experimental blockchain, and others like it, could lead to efficiencies for corporate travelers, but also — importantly — distribution alternatives to bypassing the global distribution systems. Let’s be very clear: A potential bypass of the distribution incumbents is …

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Chinese Netizens are Using Blockchain to Bypass Censorship

The Chinese government has been notorious in implementing strict internet censorship policies which have controlled their citizens from fully expressing opinions and sharing their favorite content. But, as the blockchain technology is adopted more widely Chinese internet users have currently found a way to overcome Beijing’s censorship. The blockchain is …

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LibrePatron Uses BTCPay To Bypass ‘Censorship-Heavy’ Patreon With Bitcoin

A US attorney and developer has vowed to release an alternative to crowdfunding platform Patreon using open source Bitcoin payment processor BTCPay. Replicating Patreon’s ‘Full Feature Set’ In a series of tweets December 30, Jeff Vandrew Jr. released a sample site for LibrePatron, which he claims incorporates the “full feature …

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Iran officials are embracing cryptocurrency to bypass US Sanctions

Who does not know about the tense relationship between these two countries? United States Government has imposed several different sanctions on Iran over the years such as an embargo on dealings with the country by the U.S and ban on selling several kinds of goods for example aircraft and repair parts …

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Hit by Sanctions, Iranian Students in the UK Use Bitcoin to Bypass Banks

News Before cryptocurrencies started to be widely used for speculation, they were first of all meant to be an unstoppable method for people to control their own money. A new example that this is still a needed use case comes from the U.K., where Iranian students have to bypass the …

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Gemini Speeds Up Deposits to Bypass Bitcoin Network Congestion

Digital currency exchange Gemini is doing away with transaction confirmations for approved customers. Announced yesterday, the move will see the New York-based exchange, founded by investors Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, begin crediting users for their bitcoin deposits before those transactions have been confirmed on the network. Typically, most services will …

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