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Sweepstakes Creation and Management Made Easy with Pryze!

If you’ve ever wanted to include contests or sweepstakes in your marketing strategy but didn’t know how, Pryze is making it super easy.

Since announcing the Partner Portal earlier this year, Pryze has been heads-down developing its self-service interface for sweepstakes organizers. Where previously, partners were required to have their developers run lines of code on the blockchain, they are now completely self-sufficient.

The whole premise behind the Pryze platform is its simplicity and ease of use. That shouldn’t be reserved just for the consumers but should begin with those creating and running the sweepstakes. Now, not only do contest entrants have one place to seamlessly enter as many sweepstakes as they like, but creators too have a portal to simply plug in and submit new sweepstakes onto the blockchain.

Co-founders Peter Franklin and Gil Penchina set out to create Pryze as the world’s first automated sweepstakes protocol, built on the Ethereum blockchain. The Pryze…

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