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Substratum Node Early Open Beta is Live!

Substratum is an ERC-20 cryptocurrency which tends to fly under the radar. But when you take a close look, they’re a platform with an ambitious and exciting plan for a decentralized, P2P internet network.

Essentially, Substratum aims to apply the sharing economy to the internet itself, in particular web hosting and access to content. Anyone can turn their computer into a web host running a Substratum node, and whenever that node serves content, the user will be paid a reward in the Substratum token (SUB).

While the obvious incentive here is the passive income you can earn by participating in the decentralized network, there are more socially conscious benefits as well. Substratum works on all browsers, and it requires no special software, which means that it provides a workaround to censorship and countries that ban VPNs.

Substratum also offers an individualized payment model; instead of paying a monthly bill, internet users pay for the amount of bandwidth they use. Similarly,…

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