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Samsung Cryptocurrency Wallet Patent With Rumors of Crypto Smartphone

The smartphones operating with cryptocurrency features will be the next crazy thing in the world of cryptocurrencies and smartphones as well. We have been keeping an eye on the number of blockchain and crypto smartphones releasing year by year.

Right from Sirin, then HTC and a few more companies under development seem to grow with this trending market. The latest on is Samsung which is throwing its hat within the ring.

Samsung Company files a trademark patent application in Intellectual Property Office (IPO) at the UK for cryptocurrency wallet. The rumors are fueling electronics giant in South Korea to work on a crypto wallet equipping smartphone.

Samsung Cryptocurrency Wallet

The patent entitles “Samsung Crypto Wallet”, though the discussion is unambiguous and straightforward. Moreover, it does not have to say much about the wallet, leaving behind a number of questions. Some questions which arrive are,

  • Is it a standalone hardware wallet?
  • Will it be a smartphone with a cryptocurrency wallet?
  • Really is it going to be a product?
  • Or Samsung issues this patent only to secure its side?

Most of us know that every developing smartphone using blockchain are getting more complex and efficient to reach the improvement. Resolving and innovating upon has really been an unacceptable job throughout the smartphone industry. Few instances are a camera, unlocking mechanisms display, form factor, however, all these are enhancing considerably.

Therefore, now it is making sense to launch a smartphone with a crypto wallet. Moreover, it not only adds a great feature but also develops them to tap ongoing market standards. At the same time, smartphone crypto wallets also efficiently secure the users as they need not need to carry a handheld hardware wallet.

While the launches are delaying, it seems right time for Samsung to launch a smartphone with an entire cryptocurrency wallet. This will help the company to capture the market before time. This seems very interesting to keen Samsung closely capitalizing this opportunity or not.

What are your thoughts on this launch of Samsung Crypto Smartphone? What are your thoughts on our Twitter and Facebook pages.


Samsung Cryptocurrency Wallet Patent With Rumors of Crypto Smartphone

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Samsung Cryptocurrency Wallet Patent With Rumors of Crypto Smartphone


Samsung cryptocurrency wallet patent is filed, however, it is not yet clear about that wallet to be a wallet operating into any crypto smartphone.


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