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NULS Releases Mainnet, Unveils Plans for the Future

The blockchain revolution is spreading its roots far and wide.

There are a few blockchain companies building frameworks that allow their users to build custom dapps. The most notable companies right now are Ethereum, EOS, NEO, and Lisk.

One company building a framework for custom blockchain applications is NULS, and their mainnet has officially been released.

The NULS team made the announcement on July 11, 2018; 1 day ahead of schedule. Their Medium post let investors know they’re able to exchange their ERC-20 tokens on the official website.

While there a considerable amount of competition in custom blockchain solutions, the space is massive enough to allow multiple technological approaches. NULS developed a novel solution to block verification which they call Proof-of-Credit, and their deep connections in China give NULS the opportunity to command a generous portion of the global market.

NULS Launch Conference

In celebration of the accomplishments made in only 9 months, NULS held a…

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