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New and Improved Look For Waves DEX

Cryptocurrencies made quite the impression last year as they spiked into mainstream awareness in Q4 2017. Millions were introduced to the idea for the first time, but many aren’t involved yet because of the complicated nature of the space.

As blockchain technology continues to embark on its journey toward mass adoption, developers are constantly looking for ways to introduce their creations to the masses with minimal interference. If an application is difficult to learn or poorly designed, many will look elsewhere for a more intuitive option, or drop the idea altogether.

The Waves Platform is a decentralized exchange that is staying ahead of the curve. The team has proven the validity of their product, which currently sees an average daily volume of $6,310,000 USD.

They’ve had a busy year this year.

Just last month, the company released their latest mainnet update, which includes upgrades like data transactions, a fairer proof-of-stake system, sponsored transactions, and burn…

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