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NEO News Roundup: Decentralization, neo-sharp, And More

Blockchain platform NEO, which many believe will rise to claim a seat along with Bitcoin and Ethereum as cryptocurrency’s Holy Trinity, has released their Global Development Report for July 2018. Here we recap the latest updates on “China’s Ethereum.”

As a primer, check out our article What is NEO, and get up to speed with our previous news update on NEO.


City of Zion (CoZ), a global, independent group consisting of open-source developers, designers, and translators that form NEO’s largest development community, was voted in as a consensus node on NEO’s mainnet upon completion of a development challenge to create a monitor page for NEO’s consensus nodes.

As noted by the NEO team, this is a small but important technical milestone towards decentralization, and although the community’s inherent ties to NEO doesn’t eradicate concerns over the tardiness with which decentralization is taking place (see our summary of NEO’s most recent AMA for CEO Da…

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