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NEO Founders Quell Community FUD in Recent AMA

Chinese blockchain project NEO has been having a bit of a tough time lately. The company’s recent Ask Me Anything (AMA), led by founders Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang, was much-welcomed by the NEO community to clarify fact from fiction and get a handle on where things are going and how the management team aims to get there. In this summary, we highlight some of the top discussion points.

How NEO Plans to Handle FUD

An issue was raised by r/user TooAlpha about NEO’s inability to quell FUD, instead offering no pushback or proof to put the company’s community at ease.

These rumours include:

  • Da Hongfei acting as a showpiece while having unofficially left the company to focus on sister project Ontology (ONT)—with which NEO has signed a memorandum of understanding—and NEO/ONT parent company OnChain, of which he’s the CEO
  • NEO staff being drawn into working for ONT
  • ONT moving into direct competition with NEO
  • NEO funds being syphoned into other (founder-profiteering) money-making…

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