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Medium Bans “How to Use Bitcoin Anonymously” Article as Crypto Content Censorship Picks Up

According to a Twitter user/ crypto-author, online publishing platform ‘Medium’ has allegedly been taking the liberty to ban any articles promoting/ pertaining to Bitcoin anonymity on its website. Whilst no official word has yet been received from the folks over at Medium, such reports have increased quite substantially since the last two-three weeks.

However, since the author of the article was smart enough to post his work on other media portals as well, we can have a look at what exactly the contents of his piece were. The article starts off by stating that individual privacy is a “fundamental human right” that many government agencies (all over the world) are increasingly trying to curtail in the name of security.

The piece then goes on to state that it is always advisable for people to make use of cash as much as possible, as well as avoid platforms that require customers to undergo AML/KYC checks— since these measures do not really prevent money laundering but rather tie one’s physical identity to their altcoin holdings. Infact, statistical data has time and again proven that a large majority of money-laundering that occurs globally takes place via traditional banking channels rather than digital assets.

Final Take

In its core essence, the aforementioned BTC anonymity guide aims to dish out good advice for budding altcoin enthusiasts, however, the people at Medium seem to think otherwise. In the end, nothing written in the piece can really be considered contentious— leave alone suspension worthy.

In closing, let’s hope that in the future Medium does not indulge in such questionable activities and allows for quality educational content to freely circulate over the internet.

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