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JPMorgan’s “Bitcoin is a Fraud”: Is There More to The Story?

JPMorgan: Big name, questionable ethics

JPMorgan represents the creme de la creme of Wall Street. The bank is the largest in the USA by total assets. They are also the 6th largest bank in the world. In 2015, they were also implicated in artificially manipulating the US Dollar. For this, they plead guilty to a felony charge. They have been complicit in the Enron fraud, been implicated in tax fraud and in manipulating the energy sector, and have bribed potential clients in Hong Kong by hiring their family members – these amongst a number of other illicit activities that have made news headlines over the years.

US Senator Elizabeth Warren has had some experience of her own. “I told him that if that happened, “I think you guys are breaking the law.” Suddenly Dimon got quiet….

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