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Its Now Easier to Convert Fiat to Cryptocurrency Directly via AirSwap

Even when the growing list of decentralized exchanges is highly expected to reduce the amounts of cryptocurrencies lost in hacks, there’s one thing that they may fail to adequately resolve!

They may not eliminate the need for traders to first acquire their digital assets on custodial wallets before transferring them to their respective “self-custodied” wallets. This means the risk of losing the assets is still imminent, at least among those who have not heard about AirSwap!

Through AirSwap, you will buy cryptos on one tap!

AirSwap, in partnership with Wyre, will be allowing crypto investors to directly swap fiat currency for Ethereum, everything happening at the user’s self-custodied wallet. This is possible through Wyre, an integration whose arrival was long overdue.

Wyre is a global money service business, registered and permitted to operate in well over 40 countries. It is an integration service that enables a trader to exchange fiat of any type – USD, EUR, CAD, GBP, etc., for ETH.

It not only allows swapping of cash for crypto, but also makes it breezy and incredibly convenient to buy crypto through the normal ACH way or bank transfers. It gets a lot more exciting when you consider the fact that one doesn’t even have to deposit funds to the exchange like it’s often the case with centralized exchanges!

According to the CEO of Wyre, Michael Dunworth, the way AirSwap necessitates a one-on-one or peer-to-peer style trading is praiseworthy. He says that being at the center of it all, and especially when it means mitigating the risk that every trader often faces, is exciting.

AirSwap’s fiat on-ramp strategy perfectly sums up their belief that every trader should not go through the hassles of storing private keys and still stand a chance of losing the assets. Their environment supports P2P trade is a testament to that!

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