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IOTA Releases Provisional Roadmap for Qubic

IOTA has been making much headway in 2018, having launched their Trinity Mobile wallet, announced a Tangle-based ID card and a partnership with German automobile giant Volkswagen, and released details of a project the team considers to be one of their biggest milestones: the IOTA Qubic.

July 2018 marks the first of the team’s communication about the latter, following the release of the Qubic website. Qubic hopes to create “machine economies” that can perform computations in a distributed network much quicker through an oracle designed specifically for smart contracts, outsourced computation and oracle machines.

In keeping with the team’s promise to release details about the status of Qubic on the 3rd of every month, the team has offered some more details in a recent blog post, which satiated the community’s desire to know when the major milestone might actually arrive in full.

Unfortunately for the project’s ardent community, the team hasn’t yet revealed the final…

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