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how to invest and find your love? – Crypto Recorder

After a record increase in the price of virtual currency Bitcoin from $2,000 to $4,000 in just a few months, the world market for proposals has been greatly enriched by announcements about learning the art of creating virtual money. Moreover, nowadays, cryptocurrencies are widely used all around when doing purchases in online shops, booking rooms in hotels, paying for your meals in restaurants, renting an apartment, doing charity, and even for some paid options on dating sites. Resource Bebitcoin.com cites polling data of 4000 bitcoin owners from various countries of the world. The survey showed that half of the respondents use bitcoins for purchases in online stores, just over 10% made purchases for cryptocurrency directly and 35% never used bitcoins for purchases. The most popular items purchased for virtual money are gadgets and digital content. Bitcoin enthusiasts urge to make purchases more diverse so that the system remains viable. To help Bitcoin owners, there are various Internet resources where information is collected about the sellers of goods and services that accept virtual money for payment.

One of them is the site Usebitcoins.info.  It has 4,864 registered companies whose products can be paid for with cryptocurrency. So why do we need to know about cryptocurrency, what is the use, and how is it connected with dating?

First, in brief, the basic axioms. Cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency the issuance and accounting of which is based on asymmetric encryption and the use of various cryptographic protection methods. Cryptocurrencies are functioning in a decentralized manner in a distributed computer network. They are not the banknotes which can be touched. They exist in the digital world. In total, on our planet, it has already been invented and created about a thousand cryptocurrencies. The main specialists allocate up to 15. Bitcoin (bitcoin) leads in terms of volume (and value), ethereum, bitcoin cash, ripple, litecoin, dash, and others breathe down its neck.

Apparently, if you are reading this article, you know how to make money on cryptocurrencies, but as well as the world of big money is closely connected with the world of love affairs, cryptocurrencies can bring you a lot of success not only in financial matters but in private life as well.

Amidst thousands of dating websites which are greatly used and extremely popular nowadays such as the well-known Russian dating site, some new ones for those who are into cryptocurrency business have been created. They allow their users to pay for the services using virtual money which is very handful for masses of people. Perhaps, they are not as well-known and popular as those existing for a long time, but we are sure it’s only a question of time.

Dating site Okсupid.com. OkCupid service is considered to be one of the best dating sites on Earth, and it was also called the best dating site by The Boston Globe. Basic services are provided to users of the site for free, but it is possible to acquire a paid premium plan in which the visitor is not bothered by ads and has the opportunity to remain anonymous. Payment for such a service plan, in addition to ordinary money, can be made in bitcoins.

Besides, there is a dating site called Localbitcoins.com for buyers and sellers of Bitcoin who want to make a deal in person. It is supplemented by a system of Escrow. There is a function of SMS confirming the transfer of funds, so you do not need a smartphone. The site covers 180 countries and even shows the distance to the city in which there is a client if the latter is not found in your city.

A large number and a huge variety of companies willing to accept virtual money, suggests that Bitcoin is not perceived in the world as a means of money for illegal purchases but gradually turns into a full-fledged alternative currency.  Therefore, if you still believe that a cryptocurrency is a waste of time and investment, check out the list of sites and companies that provide customers with the opportunity to pay in cryptocurrency. Based on this, we can conclude that a cryptocurrency business can be effective not only in the accumulation of capital but also in matters relating to the personal sphere and daily life.

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