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How to Earn BTC Fast and Free

BitMart Exchange introduces their new Refer-A-Friend Program, by inviting friends to join using a referral link, users can receive a commission from each transaction made by others. The commission rate is 50% of the transaction fees from direct referrals, and 10% from indirect referrals (i.e., people who sign up using the referral link of some who you referred). There is no limit to the number of people you can invite and you can start collecting referrals now. In addition, the commission from the referrals transaction fees will be paid to users in BTC.

BitMart also offers a Lucky Draw Trading Event where users can trade to earn a chance to draw and win exciting prizes such as a MacBook Pro, iPhone X, or even a 2018 Tesla Model X. Every draw results in a prize. This promotion ends soon, however, as users have just over a week left to try and win the coveted Tesla.

In addition to their current promotions, BitMart will also soon be opening a new market for their utility token, BMX.

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