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Highlights of SONM’s May 2018 Q&A

SONM continues to build momentum as the project heads toward a full commercial release in late 2018.

The blockchain-based fog computing platform puts processing power on a decentralized marketplace, allowing anyone to purchase resources using cryptocurrency. The network can handle a variety of tasks, with early use-cases including big data analysis, scientific calculations, image rendering, machine learning, and running video game servers.

On May 31, SONM team members Vitaly Fedosov (Content Manager) and Igor Lebedev (CTO) sat for a Q&A session with the community. The team fielded questions about recent events and clarified details about how the platform could change the nature of decentralized computing resources.

The talk runs for an hour and a half, and is filled with useful information about SONM’s development. If you don’t have time for the full Q&A, we’ve highlighted the important announcements below.

SONM IaaS Testnet Launch

An early highlight of the session was a reminder…

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