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Golem Releases Brass Golem Beta 0.16.0

On June 6, Golem announced that they have released Golem Brass Beta 0.16.0. This replaces the previous version of Golem, 0.15.1, released last April. The Golem team has been very active over the past few months, visiting numerous conferences and meetups throughout Asia and North America and most notably successfully launching their mainnet onto the Etheruem blockchain in April 2018.

For those of you unfamiliar with the project, Golem is a tokenized platform which is aiming to be the world’s first completely decentralized supercomputer. With Golem, anyone can “rent” out their computer’s unused computing power. CPU providers pick the rate at which they wish to rent out their computer’s power and are paid in Golem’s GNT tokens. For that reason, Golem is sometimes called the AirBNB of cryptocurrency.

Golem Brass Beta 0.16.0

Brass Golem is the first major milestone Golem is working on, as shown on their project timeline. Brass Golem is focusing on their primary target market…

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