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Gaming Project Plair Will Be the First ICO to Launch on VeChainThor

VeChain, the project eyeing supply chain disruption which has already landed multiple partnerships, recently announced a step forward in another feature of their platform: Plair, a project that wants to enhance the gaming experience with blockchain technology, will be the first ICO to launch on VeChainThor’s platform.

Patrick Tang, CEO of the Plair Foundation, is relishing the opportunity, saying:

VeChain brings to the table a powerful combination of professional advice, resources and community backing that is needed as a premium blockchain partner. We are excited to work together to pioneer a way to better serve gaming enthusiasts.

Plair will serve the burgeoning gaming marketplace, home to an ardent community, that encompasses eSports, content production, and the nascent cloud gaming niche. Revenue in this entertainment industry is growing at a faster rate and outshines other entertainment niches,. The eSports industry alone is expected to break $1 billion in revenue by 2019.

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