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Foreign Exchange Adds Cryptocurrencies To Its Trading Portfolio

Ireland-based online foreign exchange AvaTrade has announced the addition of Ether, Dash, and Ripple to its trading portfolio. As per AvaTrade CEO Dáire Ferguson:

“We are proud to be the first to introduce these exciting cryptocurrencies to our impressive instruments’ selection.”

AvaTrade’s announcement isn’t surprising. The three rising cryptocurrencies have all experienced immense surges in their market caps over the past year. Global settlement network Ripple (XRP) has enjoyed a recent bullish run and managed to surpass Ether for second place on the market. Nevertheless, Ether (ETH) has risen approximately 680 percent over the past year, leaving its market position in a comfortable third place. Meanwhile, Dash (DASH) has also experienced a gradual climb. In March, the cryptocurrency skyrocketed to new highs and it currently occupies a solid sixth place spot on the market with a cap of $653,338,016 at the time of publication.

According to Ferguson, these were all positive indicators that the cryptocurrencies were ready to be traded on the Forex platform.

“The latest political and financial events have changed the trading world, and we work hard to ensure we stay on the top of our game, and always remain an industry leading brokerage.”

Founded in 2006, AvaTrade is fully regulated in the European Union, Australia, Japan, South Africa, and the British Virgin Islands. The foreign exchange offers over 250 financial instruments, trading platforms, and mobile apps to its customer base.

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