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Exclusive Interview with Lampix Founder George Popescu

Lampix was started in 2015 with the goal of transforming any flat surface into an augmented reality smart surface.  Today we sit down with the Founder, George Popescu to talk about the challenges his company is facing, and how they’re using blockchain to out-innovate their competitors.

Sam Safahi: What’s your vision for Lampix?

George Popescu: Hi, we want to see a Lampix in every room, office, house, shop , factory,etc. That will revolutionize how we work , how we play. It will not replace smart phones or computers, it will be a 3rd class of devices that use other surfaces un-used at this time.

Sam: If you could change one thing magically, what would it be?

George: Great question, I would like to make more “time”.

Sam: What are some problems you’ve faced or encountered?

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