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Ethereum Sees Need for ICO Standards to Prevent Fraud

If we want to keep the blockchain ecosystem distributed and decentralized, staying in the hands of the many instead of being controlled by the few, we’ve gotta clean up our act.

Tired of finding that perfect blockchain project to invest in only to find out later that it’s a scam, especially after you’ve invested your hard-earned money? You’re not alone.

To say the current blockchain ecosystem is frenetic would be mild. The activity is mind-boggling. Sifting through all the Ethereum dapps or keeping up with market caps could be a full-time job. Is your head spinning yet? In an unregulated marketplace with so many moving pieces, what’s an investor to do?

Is the Ethereum Community About to Tame the Wild, Wild West?

In Devcon3, held in Cancun Mexico on 1 November 2017, there…

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