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Dutch Startup Brings Advanced Automated Cryptocurrency Trading to the Masses with Strategy Marketplace

today will showcase the brand new Cryptohopper Marketplace. The
Marketplace is a collection of high-performing trading strategies, which
people at all skill levels can buy and sell to implement across the
exchanges they trade on.

Meet Cryptohopper at CES 2019 in the Eureka Park, Booth 51726.
The team, accompanied by HRH Prince Constantijn, will be in the Holland
Tech Square
alongside 50 of the Netherlands’ hottest startups.
Cryptohopper will be showing the world why cryptocurrency trading is for

Beginners on the Marketplace can buy strategies built by professionals
on the platform, with over 130 Indicators and Candlestick Patterns.
Less-experienced traders can pick and choose strategies to implement
across exchanges that they trade on. Once purchased, users’ hoppers
(bots) will execute the strategy 24/7, because crypto trading never

CEO and co-founder of Cryptohopper, Ruud Feltkamp, said: “Originally a
cryptocurrency trading bot for professional traders, Cryptohopper has
evolved into a platform where everyone can implement trading strategies
that professionals use on a daily basis”.

He continued: “There is still serious demand from mainstream consumers
who are getting into cryptocurrency trading but most do not know or have
time to learn technical analysis. They just take a gamble or buy coins
to HODL and ignore the trading game that professionals play.
Cryptohopper fills this gap by allowing inexperienced users to register,
buy a trading strategy from a professional trader and have their trading
bot execute trades on their behalf, 24/7.”

The ability to buy professional strategies is just one of many features
within Cryptohopper’s platform to make trading easy, fun and rewarding
for everyone, regardless of their experience. Notably, beginners
can practice for free with Paper Trading on the Cryptohopper platform –
meaning users can try out the trading strategies they want to buy with
weightless cryptocurrencies (fake digital assets) before they sign up
and trade with real digital assets.

About Cryptohopper

Cryptohopper was founded in September 2017 by a Dutch entrepreneur and
celebrity, Ruud Feltkamp, and his brother, expert developer — Pim
Feltkamp. The company is based in Amsterdam but operates globally with
80,000 users worldwide.

For more information please contact Harriet Butterfield on Harriet@molicomms.com.

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