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Do You Invest in ICOs? 9 Crypto Experts Share Their Opinions

According to a report from independent research company Autonomous Research, ICO activity has fallen more than 90% in 2018. Their research revealed that  ICO investments were down to $300 million in September 2018, a steep drop from the high of $3 billion at the beginning of the year.


The firm cites decreasing investor interest in ICOs as one of the top reasons for the decline in funds raised via token sales. Our own survey of crypto experts has yielded similar sentiments.

Here, 9 crypto experts share whether they invest in ICOs, and why.

Adam James, Editor-in-Chief of bitcoinist.com

I do not invest in ICOs.

While I believe there is still plenty of money to be made in the ICO space, I think the heyday for initial coin offerings has come and gone, thanks to increased regulatory scrutiny. Though I do not invest in ICOs, personally, I don’t doubt that others may find such investments lucrative in the latter half of 2018.

Nathan Rose, Author of The Crypto Intro

I do not…

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