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Crypto Basics: 4 Key Safety Tips for Investing

2017 was more successful than perhaps even the most fanatical crypto-promoter could’ve imagined. At the beginning of the year Bitcoin was trading for under $1,000, and by the end it had truly lifted off, threatening to break the $20,000 barrier. The altcoin market also grew exponentially, and more than a few other coins (Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple) grabbed a piece of the limelight.

But it was Bitcoin that remained front and center, becoming mainstream news along the way. As BTC became the talk of the town, new investors arrived by the boatload.

Meanwhile, average Joes were posting about Bitcoin on Facebook, crypto-related search traffic went crazy, every podcast suddenly started mentioning crypto, people took out mortgages to buy Bitcoin, and newly joined Redditors said…

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