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ChronoBank (TIME): What’s New and Where Are They Headed?

ChronoBank is a lesser-known blockchain project that has a lofty goal: to disrupt the HR/recruitment/finance industries in a similar way to how Uber changed the taxi industry and Upwork created a freelancing revolution.

ChronoBank’s aim is to create a revolution in short-term recruitment within key professions. Their primary targets are the e-commerce, industrial, building, warehousing, and cleaning industries. Using ChronoBank’s platform, anyone will be able to sell or buy labor from people around the world securely and safely. Their token, called TIME, is used to finance the development of the system.

If ChronoBank is new to you, be sure to learn more on their website.

If you’ve been wondering what ChronoBank has been up to lately and what’s in store in the near future…

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