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ChainUP Cloud VP Yang Fan: Blockchain Development in 2019 Should Focus more on Technology Research and Development

Chain Plus+ bringing together more than 2,000 elites in the global blockchain industry to discuss the future development of the blockchain industry and promote more cooperation opportunities between Chinese and Korean blockchain companies.

ChainUP was invited to attend the event, and ChainUP Cloud VP Yang Fan shared his views on the topic “Blockchain + Cloud computing without borders”. He said that the development of blockchain in 2019 should focus more on technology research and development, using more safe and reliable technological achievements create more practical value, and through the expansion of more application scenarios give the blockchain technology opportunity to integrate deeply into the market environment.

ChainUP is the Leading Global Provider of Blockchain Solutions, It provides blockchain Trading System Solutions of Digital Currencies, Wallet System, AUROR Situational Awareness System, Public And Consortium Chain. Its released  ChainUP Cloud is the world’s leading cloud computing platform, including exchange solutions, wallet solutions, intelligent mobility solutions, security systems, BaaS, mining pool services and Cloud Media’s seven product systems, can effectively help customers to improve Efficiency and to reduce costs, to provide blockchain enterprises with safe, stable, high-price, flexible and easy-to-use blockchain basic services, and to promote the sustainable development of the industry with cloud computing blockchain technology.

At present, the customers of ChainUP service have spread all over Korea, Japan, Singapore, Southeast Asia, West Asia and North America. The “Global Super Node Partner Program” and global tour have covered 6 countries including Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia. In the new year, ChainUP will continue to expand into the global market and continue to create value for more customers around the world with the vision of “becoming the most reliable financial technology company in the world”.

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