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cDuel Brings Exposure To Cryptocurrency With Free Trading Simulator Game – Press Release

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / January 12, 2019 / As cryptocurrency startups continue to arrive one after another in the tech world, it’s fair to assume that cDuel, the newly launched trading simulator game is sure to have enthusiasts excited.

cDuel was Founded by Yair Altmark, a young tech entrepreneur studying at Boston University in collaboration with HappyFunCorp, a software engineering firm based out of Brooklyn, New York that builds products for the web, mobile, and anything on the internet .cDuel is shifted on facilitating widespread adoption of cryptocurrency by targeting people focused on the investment aspect.

To put it in simpler terms, the majority of activity being done cryptocurrency world today are people speculating and trying to make money on crypto. While often, people don’t truly understand what they are investing their hard earned money into, which is causing them to lose their money and turn back on the cryptocurrency space as a whole weakening widespread adoption. What intrigued us about cDuel is that it allows for users to learn more about cryptocurrency in a new fun and creative way we have yet to see by allowing players to compete against each other based off various filters for games.

The Creation of cDuel

cDuel is a trading simulator, similar to a fantasy stock trading game. Instead of investing in the stocks listed on a stock exchange however, players buy and sell cryptocurrencies. In this way it models a real currency exchange, but with ‘play’ money (and some details elided, such as trade transaction fees).

cDuel is not a perfect simulator of a trading exchange, however. Perfectly replicating a real exchange would be more difficult for novice players to learn, and less entertaining as an activity. As such, cDuel cleverly combines aspects from several extant game genres. Such as elements from paper stock trading games, fantasy sports, and multiplayer mobile titles.

Game Structure

The primary way of joining games to play is via the ”Browse Games” screen. This shows upcoming and recently started games that the cDuel system generates.

If a player has sufficient cash on hand, they can Join a game. The cost to join a game is equal to its starting capital. Essentially, players ”buy in” at a set price, so they all start on a level playing field. Games are generated by cDuel, at a fixed schedule. Games can have starting capital amounts of $5k, $10k, $25k $50k, $100k, $500k and $1m. Game lengths can be 1 day, 3 day, 1 week, or 1 month. In addition to joining public games, players can create private matches for just themselves and their friends simply by inviting them with an email. There is also an in-game leaderboard, which shows the player’s current placement (by portfolio ROI), and their place in a histogram of all players in that game. While a Global Leader tracks all players aggregate performance across all games and allows for export.

Game Flow

Once a player has joined a game, and it has begun, they have access to it in their ”Active Games” section. An active game is where trades are placed and a portfolio is managed. Currencies cannot be purchased outside of games, these are where trading happens over a fixed term.

Players will use the starting capital of the game to purchase cryptocurrencies at prevailing prices, and sell them later. While cryptocurrency prices are more volatile than other investments, prices don’t fluctuate significantly over short (<5 minutes) time frames. As such, the pace of actual play is a cycle of placing orders, waiting, checking market conditions and then adjusting positions, taking place over the course of hours and days which makes it very similar to how you would trade in real life situations with actual cash. What’s most enjoyable about
cDuel is that players are expected to, if needed, perform research outside of the game to inform their choices. This is intentional and part of the fun of trading: players come to realize they can gain an edge in play by performing activities external to the game. There’s always the possibility that cDuel may come to incorporate more detailed tools over time as necessary. However it won’t ever replicate the full suite of services, analysis and news of a real buying and selling trading platform. cDuel Founder Yair Altmark stated, ”cDuel doesn’t plan to ever add the feature of buying cryptocurrencies with real money. We want to expose people to the volatility of the markets without the added risk of losing hard earned money.”

To learn more about cDuel register here (https://cDuel.com/splash) and unlock $100,000 starting capital to begin trading. You can also connect with cDuel through social media, including Facebook (username is @cDuelPlatform) and Instagram (username is @cDuel)

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