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How SegWit Made for a More User-Friendly Bitcoin

On August 8, the Bitcoin network reached the level of consensus needed to adopt Segregated Witness (SegWit). The bitcoin improvement proposal (BIP) that contained the SegWit software component had been released in June, at which point miners—special computers that confirm, verify and record transactions on the bitcoin network—gradually started signaling …

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Three Ukrainian Legislators Admit Large Bitcoin Holdings, Government Conflicted on Digital Currencies

Three Ukrainian lawmakers have released information on their Bitcoin holdings, which are quite substantial. The legislators, Dmitry Golubov, Alexander Urbansky, and Dmitry Belotserkovets, are all members of the group “Petro Poroshenko Block.” According to Russian news service RIA Novosti, Golubov has the largest Bitcoin holding among with 8,752 Bitcoins. At …

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Block 494,784: Segwit2x Developers Set Date for Bitcoin Hard Fork

The developers behind Segwit2x, a controversial plan to increase the transaction capacity of the bitcoin blockchain, plan to announce a firm date for a hard fork today. A copy of a forthcoming blog post obtained by CoinDesk indicates that the Segwit2x team plans to enable bitcoin’s miners to elect to …

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Bitcoin launches into space to boost trading worldwide

Blockstream Bitcoin, and virtual currency as a whole is a complicated and emerging sector which has experienced its share of both investor joy and despair. To make the industry even more interesting, the cryptocurrency has now been launched into space. Bitcoin, argued by some to be an alternative to traditional …

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After Bitcoin, Swiss Bank Becomes First To Offer Bitcoin Cash, Altcoins

Swiss financial institution Falcon Private Bank has become the country’s first financial institution to add Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin to its offering. In a press release issued today, Zurich-based Falcon, which made headlines last month with its introduction of Bitcoin tools for clients, said the move “proves [its] agility …

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Bitcoin, Crypto Fulfilling Our Original Vision

Former PayPal COO David Sacks has said cryptocurrency is “fulfilling PayPal’s original vision” to “create ‘the new world currency.’” In an interview with CNBC, Sacks, who worked with the payment network in its early days around the year 2000, said there were strong comparisons between the current Blockchain scene and …

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