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Cardano to Enter Next Phase, Shelley, in Q1 2019

Cardano (ADA), a project bringing innovative solutions to decentralization, has confirmed that the next phase of their project will arrive in Q1 2019. The next stage of the project brings some much anticipated upgrades to the network.

The Shelley phase of the project follows the Byron phase, and will introduce a fully decentralized network with staking and delegation to the network.

Whereas Byron gave a comparatively basic interaction with the network, Shelley will make the platform more feature-filled and robust, possibly attracting developers to the network. Shelley now pulls Cardano’s enthusiastic investors further in, though the “social aspect,” i.e. how the team can make the network as fair as possible.

Image Source: http://mary-shelley.wikia.com/wiki/Percy_Bysshe_Shelley,_%22Ode_to_the_West_Wind%22_(1820)

The key feature in the next phase will be the introduction of the Open Ouroboros Delegation, which Cardano is currently implementing in code. Cardano also recently…

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