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Blockchain Company Highlights Circular Economy

A Netherlands-based blockchain startup company is changing the course of data sharing, certification access, as well as product and material oversight. Circularise offers a communication system that companies can use for “virtually endless range of product value chains” according to a release from the company.

In early December, the company put the circular economy in the spotlight, showing the overall benefits it provides to the industry. The concept focuses on reusing resources and maximizing the value of all products and materials. The end result is the elimination of waste.

Through the communication technology provided by the company, stakeholders are enabled to share information about parts, materials, etc. while maintaining ownership of their data and determining who gets access to it.

“Providing a system where all stakeholders can be held accountable for their actions, audit results can be published and shared, and information can be exchanged in a flexible way, is key,” explained Pietro Pasotti of Circularise.

The company revealed successful pilot programs with an Italian recycling plant as well as Netherlands-based furniture manufacturer and plans to expand its reach in 2019 in the fashion/textile and beverage industries through additional project initiatives. Circularise has also had successful partnerships with over 18 organizations.


About Circularise:

Since 2017 Circularise is working with multiple partners in the framework of H2020 C-SERVEES project backed by the European Union. Together these parties are developing a solution that aims to boost a resource-efficient circular economy in the electrical and electronic (E&E) sector through the potential synergies of two major revolutions of our time: the circular economy and the Industry 4.0.

Source: EIN Presswire 

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