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Bitbacker.io Set to Rival Patreon and YouTube Superchats with Its Cryptocurrency Donation Service

The world of social media in 2018 has seen an increase in malicious activities including cyberbullying and abuse across these social platforms and other web forums. Notwithstanding, donation pages such as Patreon and YouTube Superchats have also faced these posts causing a crackdown through the year on such users. However, the acts of censorship and de-platforming have cut across innocents such as Patreon’s removal of religious podcasters, right-wing’ figures, atheists and other radical individuals such as former Rebel Media personality Lauren Southern.

Bitbacker.io CEO Speaks On Patreon And Fiat Donation Pages

The extremities of the Patreon purge has given rise to a blockchain based donation platform, Bitbacker.io. The startup aims at solving the continued closure of accounts by providing a censorship-free platform too its users. Furthermore, by providing a decentralized and low fee donation page Bitbacker.io creators will have more incentive to create on the site.

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Bitbacker.io PowerChat

Speaking to Bitcoin.com, the founder and CEO of Bitbacker explained the tipping culture in crypto as the backbone to his idea. The CEO however noted that most of these tips and donations are made through fiat services that are inefficient and expensive such as Patreon. He further gave examples of crypto heavyweights using and advertising fiat donation services to raise cash. He said,

“Naomi Brockwell, for example, runs a crypto-focused show, but receives the overwhelming amount of her support through fiat sources like Patreon. This is embarrassingly true among crypto’s most prominent members: Andreas Antonopoulos, whose YouTube channel is practically an advertisement for Patreon.”

The Bitbacker.io Platform

The Bitbacker.io platform works in a similar manner to the Patreon service. To access the services offered on the platform users are required to sign up or log in if you already have an account. Services offered on the blockchain platform include;

  • The PowerChat: Watch livestreams of your favorite creators, and use crypto to send highlighted messages during their stream. A great way for fans and creators to interact during live chat.
  • Anonymous donations: Not everyone likes their identity to be known. You don’t need to create an account to use PowerChat. Just access your favorite creator’s page and send as many PowerChat messages as you’d like with a choice of different cryptocurrencies!
  • Pledge: Set up monthly crypto donations for your favorite creators, and gain access to their exclusive members-only feeds.

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Despite offering services similar to Patreon, Bitbacker.io charges 1% on transactions on the platform while the Patreon charges 10 percent. The use of cryptocurrencies removes the cost of outsourcing the regulatory compliance of being a money transmitter to an external payment processor. In other services like YouTube’s SuperChat charge 30% on the transaction while censoring content which violates the freedom of speech.

Bitbacker.io also offers its users a secure platform for vloggers, authors, and other types of content creators to freely as stated on their website. The platform supports Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin (BTC) and Smartcash.

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