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Binance Academy Launches as an Educational Blockchain Content Platform to Teach About Crypto

Binance Launches Educational Content Platform To Teach About Blockchain Technology

The popular virtual currency exchange Binance took the decision to launch a platform for users to learn about blockchain technology and virtual currencies. There are almost 500 different articles that allow users to have unbiased information about the crypto world. The information was unveiled in a press release on December 12.

It is important to note that the new platform will not only include these articles but it will also be supporting different languages. This would help people that do not necessarily speak English or other major languages to understand the world of virtual currencies and distributed ledger technology. Some of the most important languages include French, German, Spanish, Russian or Chinese, among others.

This new proposal is called Binance Academy and the articles provided are, in general, explainer pieces. Some of the main topics will be related to mining activities, cryptocurrency exchanges and digital assets in general.

In order to make things more simple, there will be four different categories: blockchain, economy, security and tutorials.

Ted Lin, the Chief Growth Officer at Binance, commented about it:

“With Binance Academy our goal is to provide an entirely neutral platform with quality, unbiased, educational platform.”

The misinformation in the cryptocurrency space has been affecting the whole market and individuals that wanted to invest in virtual currencies. There are some things that might not be so easy to understand and having an ‘unbiased’ is a positive thing.

For example, one of the most confusing things is related to the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork and its differences with Bitcoin. Several news sites were calling Bitcoin Cash (BCH) the real Bitcoin and this was somehow confusing for newcomers to the space.

In a year in which most of the virtual currencies lost more than 80% of their value, including Bitcoin, Binance is trying to expand in different areas. Earlier this year, the exchange launched a $1 billion fund specifically designed to help companies grow in the space.

A few weeks ago, the company has also released the Binance Info Gold Label project to provide investors clear information about different virtual currencies and their projects. Furthermore, as Coinbase and other companies are starting to list new coins, Binance is also losing part of the market it had before with a wide range of coins listed in its platform.

At the time of writing, Binance is the largest virtual currency exchange in terms of trading volume. In the last 24 hours, it handled $385 million dollars, compared to OKEx, the second largest exchange according to its trading volume, that registered $383 million in the last day.

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