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5 Reasons Oyster Protocol is Worth Keeping an Eye On

The online advertising industry is currently in limbo, plagued by inadequate and inert website content monetization mechanisms and rampant privacy-invasive ads, distracting users from intended content and harming website design continuity. Ad blockers have become the norm, and visitors click away left feeling uneasy, unfulfilled, and vulnerable, while publishers lose viewership and, ultimately, revenue.

Enter Oyster Protocol, a “true two-birds-one-stone proposition,” bridging the gap between content consumers and content publishers.

Although Oyster’s ICO left much to be desired in terms of finances, raising only 250 ETH and casting Oyster CEO and chief architect Bruno Block into debt, Oyster has since rallied and positioned itself at the forefront of:

  • Decentralized data storage
  • Website monetization

Built on the IOTA Tangle and Ethereum blockchain, Oyster’s no-nonsense, straightforward single line of code enables website visitors to contribute a portion of free GPU and CPU…

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