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4 Masternode Projects You Should Know About

It’s an incredibly interesting time to be involved in the cryptocurrency space. Prices have been plummeting, and many of the projects that were created during the latest bull market are facing strong adversity for the first time.

What’s more, the Bitcoin Cash hash war has shown us all the potential vulnerability of pure proof-of-work blockchains. As network values drop and fewer people can mine profitably, hash rates decrease across the space… all of a sudden, 51% attacks are not so expensive to pull off against one’s adversaries.

In fact, the constant threat of a malicious attack from the Bitcoin Cash SV camp has prompted the ABC camp to implement rolling 10 block checkpoints to prevent malicious reorgs from 51% attacks.

Of course, the still-nascent blockchain industry is full of experimentation, and proof of work is far from the only consensus model out there being tested.

In this article, we’ll be discussing some projects that aim to achieve decentralized…

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