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4 Cryptocurrencies Revolutionizing Gaming with Blockchain Technology

Video games: you either love ‘em or hate ‘em. There seems to be little fence-sitting for this one. The very thing that’s a gamer’s joy – spending hours on end in front of a screen, immersed in a virtual world – happens to be a major criticism from naysayers. “It’s a monumental waste of time”, they often say.

Now, thanks to blockchain technology, gamers have the potential of being rewarded for the time spent exercising their finger muscles, whether through cryptocurrency in the case of CryCash and GameMachine, or through the ability to link virtual assets between different gameworlds, made possible by companies like DMarket and EnjinCoin.


CryCash is named in tribute to their first major partner, gaming giant Crytek. CryCash leverages on the massive user…

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