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4 Blockchain Companies Redefining Social Media

Blockchain as a force for societal change is possibly the most revolutionary change many of us will witness in our lifetimes. Social media, on the other hand, is the modern face of friendship.

Let’s look at 4 companies evolving how we engage with social media, blockchain-style.


Steemit is a social media app, the first built on parent platform Steem, which by now hosts an array of blockchain solutions enabling token distribution reward systems (called SMTs, or Smart Media Tokens).

Steemit has been around since June 2016, and has the honor of being the first social site on the blockchain. First, following the path of most new tech startups, it was embraced by cutting-edge users most likely to shudder at being called “consumers.”

This, of course, is a trait that runs across most of the current adopters of social blockchain sites. Adoption usually follows a linear path from the early adopters and early majority through to the eventual laggards once even the late majority has…

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