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10 Promising Cryptocurrencies to Watch in Q1 2018

2018’s slow start to the market has cast many newfound and seasoned crypto investors, into the doldrums. But, as the Asian markets settle post-Lunar New Year and outstanding regulatory uncertainty is cleared up, the lows of January and February stand to be no more than a fleeting thought.

Below is a list of 10 innovative blockchain projects and platforms, all supported by strong teams, disruptive ideals and infrastructures, and clear and transparent roadmaps, that should be on your radar this Q1.

1. NAVCoin ($NAV)

Nav Coin logo

NAV Project Breakdown

Supporting SegWit functionality, and hailed as the world’s first fully-autonomous cryptocurrency, NavCoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency, based off Bitcoin, enabling faster (30 second), low-cost (.0001 NAV), fully-anonymous transactions.

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